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Alice Morgan
About The Author

Alice Morgan started writing for trade publications and magazines when she had a full-time job.

Alice said, The extra money was very welcome. But, it was hard work because the demands of the job and her family left little time for the writing. I kept doing as much writing as I could because I really enjoyed it and was using the writing checks to buy some nice extras for the family.

Alice learned to make better use of the little time she had for her writing and research. She also studied the methods which highly successful writers shared in interviews and workshops.

I found a lot of good advice but some suggestions didnt work for me; they were a bit vague or required some tools or just didnt fit my situation.

Alice retired from her job and continued her writing. She started writing short stories which fitted her lifestyle better.

She had an idea for a novel and is making good progress with that.

Alice said, I found that the technique which helped me produce good non-fiction were generally applicable to the short stories and the novel.

I believe that the tips which I explain in my ebook will be useful for writers, whatever their specialty. Ive shared my ideas with many other writers Ive met at workshops and socially.

And, Ive also learned a lot from their experiences which Ive been able to use in my own writing.

This book has the best ideas Ive learned and, while I cant guarantee that everyone will fit with each reader, they have all been used by real writers.

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