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Silent Signals
By Ward Oxley
(About The Author)

Okay.  You're just seconds away from your interview for the job of a lifetime!  You've covered all the bases.  You're dress in your very best power suit.  Every hair is in place. Your perfectly manicured hands are folded serenely in your lap. You're totally prepared. . .or are you?

What if you could have a look inside the mind of your interviewer?  What if you knew what he or she is thinking?  What if you could anticipate their overall perception and respond appropriately?

Have you ever given any thought to just how many times a day you are required to negotiate?  Every single time we interact with another person it includes a negotiation.  Most of the time we glide through our day dealing with numerous little situations where we lost the negotiation.

Can you just imagine how much simpler your life would be if you knew that you could control each and every one of those situations?  Just think how pleasant life would be if you could avoid the negative ones.

Well, it IS possible.  And no, you don't need to be a "mind" reader.  But you DO need to be a "body" reader.  Say what?  Yes, you read it right the first time.

Learn to be a body reader and you can take control of every aspect of your life. Even better, learn how to adjust your own body language to take the best advantage in any situation.

It's easy - if you know how.  That's where we come in.  Learn how to recognize the messages being sent to you by every person you come into contact with.  Also learn how to project those messages as well.

It's all available in "Silent Signals - Body Language for the 21st Century."  It covers it all.  Take a look:


  • Visible Signs - Learn how to read each movement of the arms, legs, hands and how the head is held.

  • First Impressions - How to read one and make a good one.

  • In the Workplace - Discover how to stand out. 


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