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Discover How to Achieve and Live a Happier Life In a Fast-Paced World

Meditation Motivation and More
By Mary Havelock
(About The Author)


No one can escape it.  Unless you live on a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the South Pacific, you experience stress on a daily basis. It's impossible to avoid. 

Hours in stop and go traffic; poor working conditions; family issues; bad nutritional choices; and money problems are just a few of the negative factors that face us on a daily basis.

Many people who find it difficult coping with these issues turn to medication for a solution.  Unfortunately, medication can become a double edged sword.  While it may provide a temporary "fix" it generally doesn't last.

In fact, medication could ultimately impact the overall picture by adding addiction to the list of stress factors.  So what's a person to do?  That's the question that Mary Havelock answers in "Meditation, Motivation and More."

Before you conjure up an image of a bald, red-robed guru-like person who approached you in the airport, think again.  Meditation is no longer lumped into the category of weird religions or reflective of the hippy movement of the 60's.

In fact, more corporate giants are finding that adding regular meditation instruction greatly elevates the performance of their employees.  This is a huge step forward in the overall view of benefit packages.

So what can you expect from "Meditation, Motivation and More?"  Well, what you shouldn't expect is a bunch of esoteric jargon that only makes sense to a high dollar psychologist. 

What Mary is giving you is straightforward information in easy to understand english.  Specifically,  here's some of what is in store for you:


  • Why should you meditate?

  • What are some of the specific benefits?

  • Learn how to meditate.

  • How to control your breathing.

  • Discover how to focus.

  • Feeling tension escape from your body.

  • Can you meditate while you walk?

  • How to incorporate music into your meditation.

  • How meditation affects motivation.

  • Learn how to be more successful

  • How to establish goals and achieve them.

  • Using sound and visualization.

  • Learn how to take your experience to others.

  • Quick and easy methods to tame the telephone.


Learn how to change your mindset.  So much of our lives are made up of self-fulfilling prophecies.  We attract negativity because of our patterns of of thought and behavior.  Discover how to overcome negative tendencies.

You can be, do and have more.  Learn how beginning right now!  You owe it to yourself to have the tools on hand and build your self-esteem.  Don't wait another minute.

Change your mind and change your life!  Grab your own personal copy of  "Meditation, Motivation and More" and change yours right now.  A whole new world is just a click away!


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